Wicked Pictures review

Wicked Pictures review

Wickedpictures Navigation and access:

Wickedpictures.com is easy to use, and although the screen can be a bit cluttered at times, the navigation tools are convenient and easy to find on page.  Membership also includes access to a mobile app, allowing on-the-go browsing when the user is unable to make it to their computer or laptop.   Between both styles of access Wicked has you covered for all of your Adult needs, whether at home or on the move.

Wickedpictures Payments:

When offering this much content, Wicked Pictures has to be behind a paywall.  The rates are competitive, 19.95 for a monthly membership, 49.95 for a three month membership, and a 109.88 one-time charge for a full year’s access.  If you’d just like to try it out for a test drive there is an option for a 2 day trial paying only a dollar.  Be aware though, that all memberships automatically renew at the end of the pay period, so don’t get caught with your pants down if you’re planning on only remaining a member for a limited period of time.  Wicked will accept all major credit cards, and even give you the option to set up a direct debit by paying with a check.

Wickedpictures Content:

When it comes to professionally done adult content, Wicked is a monster within the industry.  Their accolades and awards stretch back to their original founding in 1994, and in 2013 they won the AVN award for Best Celebrity Sex tape (ever wanted to see the Octomom in an intimate situation) and were nominated for the XBIZ studio of the year, in addition to winning 7 other XBIZ accolades.  Wicked pulls a wide variety of top shelf adult talent, pulling names like Stormy Daniels (an exclusive Wicked girl who also directs many of their features), Katie St. Ives, Samantha Saint, Asa Akira, James Deen, and many, many others.

The movies are original and cover most mainstream adult interests.  However, if your preferred fetish is more on the unusual side than Wicked is unlikely to be your best option.  Although most of the movies are original productions they do occasionally release parodies, such as the recent Snow White XXX: An Axel Braun Parody.  Axel  Braun is one of Wicked’s most prolific directors and producers, and you’ll frequently see his name on their productions.

The girls are your standard high quality adult fare, nothing amateur in a Wicked production.  Embodying every permutation of the traditional adult star, there is no lack of silicon, fake tans, and other forms of enhancement.  The lack of any of the more amateur style productions is one of the only major flaws I see in the site.  But what they do, they have done to a science, with high production values and swift pacing that not only titillates, but often proves to be quite entertaining as well.

Last but not least, Wicked offers a wide selection of webcam models for your viewing pleasure.  The webcam models are generally contracted through the site, although they do occasionally have special events with bigger name adult actresses participating.

Wickedpictures Store:

Wicked Pictures also has on online store with a wide selection of products.  Many of their movies are available for purchase on the store in either a physical of digital format, allowing you access to their exclusive videos without having to purchase a monthly membership.  It will be more expensive than streaming, but if there is only one specific movie you want than it might be your best option.

In addition to the movies, there is also a full selection of adult paraphernalia, including toys, lingerie, and bondage wear.  Shop for it all from the comfort and privacy of your own home!