Tainster Review

Tainster Review

If you get membership to this site you will get access to over 4,000 videos and a massive amount of photos over 680,000. You may even wonder if this site is specializing in photos with such a large number of photos. I came to realize the reason for such a large number of photos are because anyone is allowed to submit his or her photo to the site; you can as well send yours today. Tainster mostly covers hard core porn but it has got over 20 sites that feature a variety of porn content so you will choose the niche that suits your needs. The videos in this site are in high quality and can be streamed online.

Tainster Technology

This is one among the most experienced porn site in the porn industry today. They have been here for 18 years so they must have the perfect tools that are needed in the industry. First there is this breath taking interface that is simple to use. The member’s page is very well layed out with an update link that keeps you updated with the recently added videos or photos. Once you click on the link the thumbnails available in the site will just get you to the latest videos. You can easily browse over the 3900 videos by various criteria including the newest, top rated, the oldest and the most watched. This site does not have an advanced search tools but you can easily navigate the site. The menu here is very easy to follow.

In this site you will get over 3900 videos and these videos are in high quality and they come in high definition. The videos can be streamed and downloaded. You can stream the videos online by the use of flash player. The ideas can as well be downloaded in various formats including mp4 at 1920 by 1080 at 5000kpbs. The site offers unlimited downloads so you will have as many downloads as you can from various sites. In tainster you can as well find some of the content in dvds there arre over 271 dvds in this site

The most outstanding feature in this site is the gallery. Tainster has accumulated a large amount of photos over the 18 years. Some of the photos have been submitted by individual s so the qualities of the photos vary. There are over 690,000 photos I this site. Some of the photos come in high resolution while others are in medium and low resolution. The images vary in size and the best quality images open at 1920 by 1080p with a bitrates that is more than 11k.

The Tainster site

Tainster has got over 20 sites that keep it supplied with high quality content. Once you join this network you will come across sites such as party hard core, drunksexorggy my fetish and mad sex party. The most famous sites in this network are party hard core and drunken sexorgy. The sites cover a wide niche of porn content so you will not miss your taste. as well the sited update new videos daily so you will not miss some fresh videos to entertain you.

Tainster girls

This site mostly features European models; if you love European women then you should visit this site. There are over 800 models who are engaged in over 3500 hot scenes.

Tainster price

Tainster does not offer trials so you will only access the site through a monthly price at $29.99, a three months price at $54.99 and a six months price at $99.99.

Tainster is a mega site that mostly features European women. This site is probably one of the best site in Europe. It was founded in 19196 meaning that it has accumulated a large amount of porn content. It has got over 3500 videos and over 680,000 photos. The adult content in this site is in high quality and the videos are in hd. They are also streamed online by the use of flash format. As well you can download the video as mp4 files. The massive photos are also downloadable as zip files. There are over 21 sites in the network that update their content daily so you will not get bored here. The videos also are of different niches so you will choose the one that suits you.