Puffy Network review

Puffy Network review

Puffy Network Overview:

Although that’s not the only thing that the Puffy network specializes in, as they also have sites that specialize more in the face, giving precedence to blowjob and facial erotica.  The site is well put together and professional, and the consistent updating will be guaranteed to keep your needs satisfied with new material on a regular basis.  So, if a combination of puffy pussies, watersports, and blowjobs sounds like a winning combination to you, then the Puffy network should be one of your first stops for adult entertainment!~


Puffy Network Navigation and Access:

This is an extremely high quality site, and very well designed.  Models, galleries and videos can all be browsed in the order that the site was updated, and each scene has organized and searchable tags associated.  Mobile access appears to be a bit lacking, although the site will function well enough on mobile platforms.

Puffy Network Payment:

The Puffy network is one of the few adult entertainment sites to not offer a trial membership, so if you just want to check it out then you will have to join at one month for $29.95.  Beyond that they do offer discounts for length of time committal, with three months for $69.95 and 6 months for $99.95.  All major credit cards are accepted, no e-checks of electronic currency for this site though.  Although it doesn’t have the sheer volume of material as other pay sites, the frequent updates and exclusive nature of the content gives Puffys an advantage over its competitors, particularly for the rather specific nature of its subject matter.

Puffy Network Content:

The Puffy network, as you might be able to tell by the name, is a website with a primary focus on women with, err, “puffier” appearing labia, although to a lesser degree they do have an oral sex and facial focus as well in order to round out their portfolio.  They have four sites, Wet and Puffy, the original site with a focus on attractive women with puffy pussies and masturbation, Wet and Pissy, which includes the above categories as well as watersports, and their two oral sex focused websites, We Like to Suck, and Eurobabe facials, both of which should be fairly well self-explanatory.  The models all tend towards the 18-23 age range, and you shouldn’t see any familiar faces which keeps the content fresh.  Although the older material can have a range of quality, the new material is all very high quality, with the majority of movies available in HD, and image size formats up to 2800p.  You’ll be able to see every detail of the puffy pussies here!

Puffy’s content is all exclusive, so you won’t find this material anywhere else on the internet.  And they have a true knack for finding exquisitely attractive models for their videos, ensuring that you get your money’s worth.  That means that you’ll have access to over 815 individual movies, as well as over 800 picture galleries, all of which are downloadable to your personal collection.  Updates are also frequent, generally at least 3 full video scenes per week, ensuring that you will not run out of material.

Puffy’s motto is “Porn the way it should be,” and they certainly deliver with their content.  If their niche is in your wheelhouse, you should find plenty of material here!

Puffy Network Conclusion:

The bottom line is that although Puffy’s originally made its name with the focus on engorged labia, they’ve branched out in their interests and really worked hard to round out their site with a few other areas of niche material.  Their commitment to high quality video and frequent updates of exclusive content has really proven their motto of “Porn the way it should be.”  So if you love beautiful girls, and a focus on the pussy with enough other action to round everything out then the Puffy Network should be exactly what you’re looking for in Adult Entertainment!