Black GF’s Review

Black GF’s Review

Black gfs is a great site with high quality adult content. This site mostly features black models from Africa and Latin America. When you log in you will be introduced to new faces thus breaking the monotony. This site has not accumulated much content because it was introduced recently. Black gfs is a new site in the adult entertainment industry from the same people who introduced the famous gf Revenge. There is a great collection of porn content involving cute black girls in 105 not scenes. This site was introduced in 2012 and it is already one of the best sites in the internet with the greatest porn content involving black girls. The girls here are very beautiful as well as amazing. If you are a lover of black women black gfs is your destination. What is surprising is that everybody is saying that this is one of the best sites with the hottest porn content so you should not miss the fun.

The sites

This is a new porn network so there are no sites. It is unfortunate but still you can enjoy some porn from the bonus sites that they offer. The bonus sites cover a wide range of porn content so you will have variety where you will choose the genre that will suit your needs. The bonus sites are updating new videos daily so you will not miss something fresh to watch.  Black gfs on the other hand update their new videos weekly so you will have something new to watch once a week. The site features black women where the videos are submitted by their boyfriends or the girls themselves. Therefore this is the site where you will enjoy real porn. The professionals in this site are doing a great job to ensure that there is some content to be watched weekly and trying to put up such collection in a short while is an indication that this site will grow very fast.


Once you log into this site you will realize the videos vary in quality because some of the videos are homemade and are maybe submitted with low quality. But you should not worry as majority of the videos are in high definition. The site gives the opportunity of streaming the videos online by the use of flash formats. It is unfortunate that you will not be allowed to download the videos. When streaming the videos more so the ones in high definition the streaming is so smooth so you can watch the videos online.

When you get to the members area you will find a straight forward interface that is simple and easy to use. Navigation through the whole network is simple has the menu on the home page will take you to the 105 videos. This site does not have advanced search tools yet because it has got still a little porn content.

The photos here come in high quality. You will come across 106 photo galleries that are in high resolution. Another setback in this site is that they do not allow the downloading of the photos in zip files. The black gfs does not also have slide shows for its photos.

The girls

There are no real porn stars in black gfs. You will meet new beautiful girls who do all kind of staffs in front of the camera. Are you bored by the same porn stars and want to try something new then black gfs is the site that you need to join.


Black gfs offers a two days trial at $4.95, a monthly price at $24.95, a three months price at $49.95 and a 12 months price at $89.95

Black gfs is a great upcoming porn site that introduces you to black girls. It has been classified as one of the best pay porn site. The site has got 105 videos that are of high quality that can only be streamed online. The disadvantage of this site is that it does not allow downloading the videos and the photo gallery.  But the streaming option provided is so smooth so you will not have much problem going through the videos. This site has got no porn stars so it is worth checking out for those who want something new.