Babes Network Review

Babes Network Review

Babesnetwork review:

Known as glam-core, a combination of glamorous and hardcore, the Babes network specializes in finding the most attractive models possible, putting them in full professional model makeup and then shooting high quality erotic scenes.  This site is ideal for anyone who longs for the good old days of adult entertainment before the onset of the amateur, the classier glory days of adult entertainment pre-internet.

Babesnetwork Navigation and Access:

Not only are the girls of the Babes network glamorous, so is the website!  The content is presented beautifully in a very easy to navigate format, ensuring no distraction to ruin your immersion in the scenes.  All of the content will also be presented on only one site, so there is no need to try and negotiate multiple websites in order to find the content for which you are searching.  Just login, look through the newly updated material, and use the easily navigable menu bar to find specific scenes or models.

Babesnetwork Payments:

There aren’t any surprises in the Babes network pricing structure, as it falls in line with the industry standard.  You can get a 2 day trial membership for only $1.00, which is always a good first choice in order to investigate the site further in order to determine if this site is worth a further time investment.  From there the prices go up to $29.95 for a one month membership, $59.95, or $19.98 a month for a three month membership, or a yearly membership fee of $99.95 ($8.33 a month).  Babes accepts all major credit cards as well as e-checks, and member data will be protected through their secure gateway.  As usual, Babes has an auto renew policy on memberships that defaults to the monthly membership price, so be sure to change or cancel your membership manually.  All that being said, the yearly rate for Babes is one of the best adult entertainment discounts available, especially considering the quality of the content.

Babesnetwork Content:

Babes specializes in a style of adult entertainment that has become known as “glam-core.” Most photo shoots and videos that use glamorous models, make-up and décor is of the softcore variety, mostly just consisting of nudity, and perhaps some stripping or light petting.  Glam-core, on the other hand, keeps the glamorous models, make-up, and décor, but throws out the softcore for the full panoply of hardcore staples, women just getting pounded.  It makes for stimulating and erotic watching!  The quality of the movies is extremely high as well, using professional lighting and photography to capture all of the best moments from each scene.  In a nod to tradition each scene even has a full soundtrack associated, so if that’s not your thing you might want to use the mute button.  Just be aware, that all of this does result in the content being a bit vanilla.  You won’t find anything amateur or unusual in their offerings, just really attractive people banging away at each other.

Babes has over 400 videos and over 120 models currently on their site, and updates their content daily.  Each video generally contains a full pictorial as well.  All of the videos have several different streaming options, generally including a great HD option as well!  Additionally, everything Babes offers from videos to pictures can be downloaded directly to your hard drive, allowing you to create a library of babes girls as well.

One last feature that the Babes Network offers is their live webcams.  As usual, they will charge you above and beyond your membership fees, but the quality of the women is above and beyond the norm, much like the models in their scenes.


For some of the highest quality production values and most attractive women on the internet, the Babes Network is must-see.  The scenes and models will blow your mind, and the price is quite reasonable as well.  So don’t delay, grab a trial membership and check out the Babes Network yourself!