AllofGfs Review

AllofGfs Review

AllOfGfs overview:

Additionally, there is very little in the way of exclusive content, and many of the videos and pictures can be found elsewhere on the internet.  However, there is a handy ranking system for the videos, the site is reasonably priced, and with the sheer amount of quantity contained in the network you’re almost guaranteed to find something you will like.  Likely worth at least a trial membership to give it a shot.

AllOfGfs Navigation and Access:

All of Gfs has very little in the way of frills in how the site is designed.  The menu bar and search features are easy to use, and that chances that you will become lost while maneuvering around their website is very, very slim.  However, it does not appear to have much in the way of mobile optimization, so if that is an important factor in how you make your decision in adult entertainment then you might want to do a bit more in the way of investigation.

AllOfGfs Payment:

For the amount of material that All of Gfs offers, their higher tier discounts are exceptionally reasonable.  They start off with a standard teaser deal of a dollar for a two day trial access.  After your trial is over the prices ramp up to $34.95 for thirty days access and $59.95 for ninety days access.  However, if you decide to go all in for a year’s worth of access to All of GFs they have one of the better deals available, $90 for a full year, which translates over to only about $7.50 a month!  Compared to many other adult paysites this is really quite a bargain, and might be worth it to look over some of the other flaws in the site.

They accept all standard methods of payment, and claim 24/7 customer service in case you encounter any problems with their site.  Additionally, they do use a third-party source to process transactions, and claim that their security is heightened as a result.

AllOfGfs Content:

All of GFs specializes in girlfriend themed adult entertainment, and is comprised of 14 different sites in its network.  All together you should have access to more than 9,000 picture galleries and 7,400 videos with a membership.  The pictures are generally High quality, but there is a very wide range of quality to the videos, with relatively few in the HD category when compared with other sites.The sites themselves cover a variety of niches, with names like Asian Sex, Emo Sex, CumGFs, BlackGFSEx, and TeenGFSex.  Many make the claim that content is user submitted as well, so if you enjoy adult entertainment with an amateur slant than this site may very well be right up your alley.  Just be aware that the general theme is going to lean towards girls in the younger age spectrum.  Additionally there is some content that tends more towards niche fetish, such as Futanari and other hentai type material, which adds a new dimension to their offerings.

Although All of Gfs does offer daily updates to their material, they have nothing in the way of an update log, or really any notification system to let you know when something new has been added to the site.  This can be troublesome, as it will require you to do more digging into their different websites in order to find where new content has been added.  Additionally, all of the videos can only be downloaded in an mp4 format, and there is no zip feature for downloading the picture files.  When each picture gallery can have upwards of 50 pictures,  a lack of a convenient way to download them all at once can make saving an entire gallery very troublesome.

AllOfGfs Conclusion:

All of GFs is a good site with some quality content that is troubled by some rather glaring flaws.  I would definitely recommend a trial membership to investigate the site before making a commitment for any longer length of time.  However, with that being said, there is a lot to look for here, particularly for fans of amateur and teen oriented adult entertainment.  So keep the caveats in mind, but give it a shot, you might find that it surprising!